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A Wing Fest at Work!

Posted: 12/26/11

A Wing Fest at Work!

Restaurant: All_Star_Wings_and_Ribs Markham

dre: For a work function, we ordered 200 wings from All Star. One of the managers picked them up from the Markham location and said his car smelled like chicken wings. We picked the flavours the week before, so when the wings arrived and I tried to label them, I couldn't remember some of the names that we ordered because all there was on the boxes were the initials, so I'm sure I labeled some of them wrong.

I tried one of each wing that didn't have cheese or ranch on them. I enjoyed Wings Gone Wild, Me Love You Long Time, and Honey Garlic the most!

It was pretty successful and everyone was really full and sleepy at the end of lunch. :) Food coma + Team Meeting = Sleepy.

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