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There's Gotta Be Better Wings at All Star

Posted: 12/24/11

There's Gotta Be Better Wings at All Star

Restaurant: All_Star_Wings_and_Ribs Vaughan

dre @ Rutherford & Jane: I know that Nelson has been to the other locations, and I was excited to try it out. I was overwhelmed by the number of sauces to try.

Johnny got Lemon Pepper wings. I like the dry wings better, I think. I should remember just to get it dry next time. This flavour was good.

Mike got Caesar does Jamaica, I think? I'm not a fan of ranch sauce, so I only tried one. They were spicy.

I got Creole Mustard. These were pretty good - I'd get them again.

The atmosphere at this location was really good to watch sporting events and I'd come here to watch a game or two.

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