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The New Buffalo Wild Wing

Posted: 12/22/11

The New Buffalo Wild Wing

Restaurant: Buffalo_Wild_Wing Mississauga

dre @ Winston Churchill & Argentia: I've seen this US chain in Buffalo before and had tried to eat there. It was so packed that the wait was about an hour, so we went to a different restaurant and I never got to try it. When I heard that it opened in Mississauga, we were excited to check it out! There was news that on opening day, the first 100 customers got free wings for a year and some people had tented overnight to line up for this. Richard said that only if he had known, he would have totally done this. Oh, Richard!

The place was busy and we had to wait a while before getting a seat. There was a Leafs game going on, so that may be the reason it was packed. The atmosphere was pretty nice. Every seat had a view of a TV and was a good place to enjoy sporting events.

We got some locally brewed beer - Rolling Rock, Shock Top, and Barking Squirrel. I liked Shock Top - it was a wheat beer... my favourite kind!

Richard ordered some taters. Not to burst your bubble, but that was the best tasting food item all night.

Each wing order came with 5 wings, and costed $5. You can see through the pictures what flavours we got. The wings were small and some were even cold. The best flavour was honey garlic.

Denise didn't feel like having wings with us, so she ordered a chocolate cake. Surprisingly, that was also better tasting than the wings.

I think we will go back to try them out one more time, but first impression I was really disappointed.

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