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I love having friends that love to cook!

Posted: 12/18/11

I love having friends that love to cook!

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dre: Going to Brian and Shirley's for dinner is always a treat. Brian loves cooking (usually steak), and Shirley is a vegetarian so there's a good balance of meat and vegetables. This time was no different.

Brian busted out this bacon marmalade that he bought from Loblaws. We tried it on crackers and at first we were confused by the taste as all of us were expecting something salty. We should have known that since it's jam, it would be sweet. You can taste the bacon though, but definitely this spread is good for jam purposes in sandwiches, not necessarily a cracker spread.

We had butternut squash soup, which I think Brian's version is much better than mine, even though I used his recipe that he gave me.

Shirley made a veggie lasagna. I told her it was my favourite food ever and hers was really good.

Brian made some bacon wrapped filet mignons. They were yumminess!


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