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Craving Cupcakes

Posted: 12/16/11

Craving Cupcakes

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dre: I always enjoy a good cupcake. Sometimes I regret having though because it gets really sweet, but it's a nice snack to satisfy the sweet tooth craving. Here are some cupcakes that I've had lately.

The first picture is from Christine's wedding. The wedding reception itself was pretty awesome. It was held at her parents' backyard, and it was a really cozy party with lots of music and dancing. There were cupcakes for dessert and I had 2 of them... The vanilla with strawberry icing and the chocolate with chocolate icing. Yummy!

The next occasion was a fundraiser at work. For $10, I got 4 cupcakes which were made by Coveted Cakes. They are located in Vaughan. Apparently, they get either their materials/products from the Cheesecake Factory Bakery. I split the pair with another coworker, so I only had to eat 2. hehe. Actually, I gave one to Mike (after trying a bite). They were very good, but very sweet.

Joanna and I made some chocolate cupcakes for Halloween. The boys helped decorate what was supposed to eyeballs, but some turned into happy/sad/funny faces.

Next, I wanted to use up the icing leftover from the eyeball cupcakes, so I converted a poppy seed lime cake into cupcakes.

Lastly, we had an team meeting at work, where we were celebrating our 72% score, so I also greedily tried the two different flavours that were there. The icing cream was actually really good, even though it did look very green. I like how Foodland (which is where the cupcakes came from) decorated the cupcakes using our company colours. :)


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