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Montana's Desserts and Nachos

Posted: 12/12/11

Montana's Desserts and Nachos

Restaurant: Brampton Montanas_Cookhouse

dre @ Bovaird & Hwy 410: One night, Vanessa and I met up for coffee. The nearby Starbucks was completely packed, so we decided to get dessert at Montana's instead. Their dessert selection is pretty good. Vanessa got the Apple Cobbler with Berry Topping. I tried a bite and it was extremely sweet.

I ordered the Tortilla Cheesecake. It was huge and very heavy. The chocolate sauce on top made it really overwhelming and very sweet. Next time, I would get it without the chocolate sauce, or maybe have it put on the side to dip.

On another occasion, we came to Montana's again and this time shared the Cinnamon rolls that was advertised on the table. The caramel sauce drizzled on top made it really sweet. Seems like a recurring theme with these desserts.

To balance off the sweetness, we countered it with nachos! :)

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