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Retrying Olive Garden!

Posted: 12/10/11

Retrying Olive Garden!

Restaurant: Erie Olive_Garden

dre in Erie, PA: We stopped in Erie, Pennsylvania for lunch at The Olive Garden. Mike was really excited to go back to try it out, whereas I was more hesitant.

Mike got a limited feature, the Stuffed Rigatoni with Chicken. This dish was really cheesy and I tried a piece of rigatoni. It wasn't bad, actually. Mike really enjoyed this dish.

I decided to go for something relatively safe, the Lasagna Classico. While it's not the best lasagna I've ever had, it wasn't bad. The only thing I didn't like about it was that they had ricotta cheese in it. While I know most lasagnas have ricotta in it, I'm not a fan.

We definitely overloaded on soup, salad, and bread as well.

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