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Guu Again

Posted: 12/01/11

Guu Again

Restaurant: Guu_Izakaya Toronto

Nelson: I had a deep craving for Guu so we just had to go. We went pretty late, around 9PM and still had to wait almost 2 hours! By this time they had already opened Guu Sakabar which should have relieved some of the wait, but I guess it's still in really high demand. This time I tried to order different items from the last time I went, but we still ended up ordering some of our favourites.

This first dish is a fried oyster dish with three different sauces. The lemon on the right was ok, the tonkatsu on the left was alright as well, but the best was the pink tartar in the middle. The oysters themselves had too much "guts" for my liking, so I didn't enjoy this dish as much.

This special of the day, the Asari clam "sakamushi" style is steamed in sake soup with garlic butter. I really enjoyed this because of the broth, which was a bit salty, but very tasty. Overall it had a light delicate flavour which I appreciated.

Maguro Tataki, lightly seared BC albacore tuna sashimi with ponzu sauce and garlic chips. This would fall under one of our favourites, but the only disappointing thing is that the fish slices while large are quite thin, so there isn't much substance to this dish.

This is the wasasbi root dish mixed with octopus that I had forgotten we had already tried. Once again all you can really taste is the wasabi and it seems the octopus is there mostly for textture.

This sashimi dish is the Aburi Salmon with lightly seared Atlantic salmon sashimi with ponzu sauce, wasabi mayo and garlic chips. I love the garlic chips, but their taste overpowers the taste of the sashimi. The mayo is also pretty strong, which helps in pairing with the garlic chips, but helps to drown out the salmon taste. I guess it's mostly there for texture, but still an enjoyable dish.

The takoyaki balls, which we almost always get. They had a distinctly smokey flavour which I enjoyed but made me try to figure out where it was coming from. I think it was the bono flakes, but I'm not sure.

For our starch we ordered a rice and noodle w/ pork and an egg in a sizzling stone bowl. Surprisingly the rice and noodle go well together after it's been mashed together at your table by your server. There was a spice that came from the ginger which was nice and not too strongly ginger tasting. There was some sweetness to balance out the flavour as well. Very good.

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