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Jersey Giant

Posted: 11/29/11

Jersey Giant

Restaurant: Jersey_Giant Toronto

Nelson @ St. Lawrence Market: This is an Irish pub that we randomly walked into for dinner. They claim to have the best wings in the city, which is audacious considering there are so many in Toronto that claim the same. Well are they?

Well their "Fantastic Chicken Wings" are quite large and they manage to cook them so that they are crunchy. The sauce is decent too. Overall they are decent, but as for the best in Toronto? I think they are a step behind as they lack anything to propel to the peak. The fries on the side were quite good, I think because they are fried in peanut oil.

Someone had the Fish & Chips, fresh cut halibut, dipped in their chef's special beer batter, served with tartar sauce and their homemade fries and apple coleslaw. I think this type of coleslaw is a bit of an acquired taste.

Kitty had the homemade chicken pot pie, with chunks of chicken, steeped with creamy vegetables and fresh herbs, topped with gravy and served with roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables. The first thing that stood out was the crappy steamed vegetables that were completely bland and tasteless. The roast potatoes were also fairly bland. I only had a small taste of the pot pie and I don't think Kitty finished, so it must not have been that good either.

This is a pub with pub fare. Don't expect more than that I guess.

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