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Chak's Rainbow Shabu Shabu (Taiwanese Style Noodle Bar)

Posted: 11/27/11

Chak's Rainbow Shabu Shabu (Taiwanese Style Noodle Bar)

Restaurant: Chaks_Rainbow Toronto

Nelson @ 食通天 in Market Village: This place in the food court serves shabu shabu, which is a strange concept in itself. Around the side and hard to see, they have a Taiwanese style noodle bar and that's where I ordered from. I got the soya sauce bean curd, soya sauce red sausage, fish ball and soya sauce beef brisket. Lot's of ingredients, with the tofu being especially good, but not too much of any one ingredient. Really tasty broth, but could have used a little more noodle. It also came with a bubble tea for a low price of $5.25. Reminded me of Taiwan, which is a good thing.


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