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Restoran Malaysia

Posted: 11/25/11

Restoran Malaysia

Restaurant: Restoran_Malaysia Toronto

Nelson: I really like this restaurant serving Malaysian food. We started with the Appetizer plate, satay beef, stay chicken, fish cake, spring rolls, (plum sauce, peanut sauce). The meat sticks were really good, specifically the beef was really tender. The spring rolls were sweet and the fish cakes were ok.

Chicken curry with roti. The roti was stuffed with egg, onion and chili which was different from what I'm used to. The chicken curry was only ok, the sauce was better than the meat.

Teh Terik: black tea with condensed milk, evaporated milk and pulled to perfection. I heard that some place pull the tea at your table, but this was not the case here. This tea reminded me of HK style milk tea.

The deep fried chicken was amazing because it was so moist inside and popped with salty flavour. The chips (shrimp or taro, not sure what kind exactly) were a nice addition to the plate as well. This is chicken done right.

penang char kuay teow: flat rice noodle-soy sauce-egg-shrimp-bean sprout-chive. I'm used to the typical chinese style of cooking this, so a bit of a twist on that was nice.

Rendang Minangkabau (galangal-grisek (toasted coconut), lemon grass, turmeric, shallot, lemon leaf) Beef: My favourite Mayalsian dish, the flavours are just so powerful and the meat is so soft, tender and crumbly which makes for a wonderful combination. I was surprised that most people at my table don't like this dish, so maybe it is not as popular as I thought.

Nasi Goring Nelayan (calamari-shrimp-crab surimi-scallop-sweet pepper-spices): The curry in the rice gives it a nice flavour, but the added ingredient could be a little better.

The next two dishes are vegetarian, but I'm not sure which they are. I let the vegetarian at our table eat most of it, so I don't recall the taste.

Overall, I really like this restaurant. It's just too bad it's so far and the lineups are so long!

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