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New All Star Wings

Posted: 11/23/11

New All Star Wings

Restaurant: All_Star_Wings_and_Ribs Toronto

Nelson @ Richmond Hill: I finally went to their new location in Richmond Hill, an old East Side's and it is larger and nicer, so it's a welcome change. It has a bit less character than the old location though, although character also mean grungy so it's a tradeoff.

The first one is a new flavour for me: Cheesy Where's the Beef? It could otherwise be called the poutine of chicken wings. Great concept, but they used grated cheddar cheese instead of cheese curds and as it turns out, it made the wings really soggy, losing the crispy deep fried texture. Good idea, but not as good as I thought it would be.

Next is the Maple Thai, as sweet and spicy one, which was quite enjoyable. Same sauce they use for thai spring rolls and perhaps some maply syrup as well.

Lastly is a standard, Wings Gone Wilder. Always uniquely tasty and very good. Can't go wrong with this flavour!

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  • I just went to All Stars on the weekend! I was overwhelmed by the number of choices.
    dre @ 2011-11-23

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