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Milestones on Yonge

Posted: 11/21/11

Milestones on Yonge

Restaurant: Milestones Toronto

Nelson @ North York: I generally like Milestones, but I don't think of them as a steakhouse. This time around we ordered as if we were at a steakhouse, ordering a steak and prime rib. I had the Certified Angus Beef top Sirloin simply grilled with black peppercorn sauce. Actually I ordered the trio of signature steak sauces, but they mixed up my order. Boo. The steak itself was decent, but the sauce wasn't anything special, which might be a good thing because steak shines by itself. Garlic mash potatoes are good, but having Chinese vegetables at a Western restaurant on the side is a big pet peeve of mine. I just hate it. I feel like an everyday Chinese vegetable shouldn't be served limp, usually overcooked and without much taste. Or maybe I'm just too used to the way Chinese vegetables are usually served.

Kitty had the slow-roasted AAA Prime Rib, crusted with their special blend of signature seasonings and served with au jus. Quite a bit of fat on this one, but I don't remember if it was any good.

I think I'll stick to their other items next time I go.

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