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Win's Seafood Restaurant

Posted: 11/17/11

Win's Seafood Restaurant

Restaurant: Toronto Wins_Seafood

Nelson @ Markham: This is a Chinese restaurant, but I think they would consider themselves to be fusion. Which means it's a Chinese restaurant with fancy plates.

They serve an appetizer as soon as you get there, a dried anchovies and peanut dish. It was eaten very quickly.

Next is a strange soup with pork, but they added so much pepper that it was almost inedible. I think we brought most of it we can dilute it.

Next are two lobsters with green onion and garlic and a fish served with a large open mouth and cut open in half. White fungus, mushrooms and fish bladder. Not sure why fish bladder is such a popular Hong Kong dish, but I seem to see it frequently at HK seafood restaurants.

This mushroom, scallop and cashew dish is something new. Fried just the right amount, with the garlic it was quite salty and tasty. Scallop and mushrooms go well together and the peanuts added a bit of crunch.

This is a seafood in butter and cream broth. Quite a few ingredients and variety, it was also served with bread to soak up the sauce. I suppose this dish makes this restaurant fusion, since butter is not a Chinese ingredient.

Sea cucumber with spinach and then oysters with green onion. Lastly are some pieces of lamb still on the bone, seasoned in garlic. Generally everything at this restaurant was cooked with garlic making a lot of the dishes taste similar.

The nice thing about the dessert here is that you can choose from three different ones, a black sesame, taro and almond. I like having a choice and they were all pretty decent.

So not bad, at least it was slightly different from most Chinese seafood restaurants, but not that great either.

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