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Chiu Chow Man Chinese Restaurant

Posted: 11/15/11

Chiu Chow Man Chinese Restaurant

Restaurant: ChiuChow_Man_Chinese_Restaurant Mississauga

Nelson @ Mississauga: Back at this excellent Chinese restaurant that serves dishes from the Chiu Chow region, but this time we didn't order their most famous dish - duck in brine. Instead we opted for one of my favourite dishes, this sliced chicken in a bean sauce with deep fried spinach. I love the taste and texture of this chicken, because it is unique in taste yet so very tasty. The deep fried vegetables are unreal - so delicate and crunch - and it doesn't seem like you are eating vegetables.

The rest of the meal includes a simple soup (a little sour from the vinegar), Chinese broccoli (I like how they serve it in a dish where the sauce is separate and dippable), a sweet and sour pork and a cold meat dish with tongue, egg, tofu, ear, sausage, beef, etc.

Overall, I really enjoy eating here as they make good tasting food at a decent price, all of which comes out fast.

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  • I'm very picky about Chinese restaurants but your description sounds great, looking forward to trying this!
    Ingrid @ Silly and Hungry @ 2011-11-15

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