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My Homemade Pies

Posted: 11/28/11

My Homemade Pies

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dre: This will be the winter of pies! After making all these pies, I decided that it was much easier and less way to screw up than cakes! I cheated a bit because all these pies here had crusts already made for me.

The first pie is a blueberry crumble on a Graham cracker crust. I used frozen blueberries and mixed it together with sugar, lemon juice, and some flour. The crumble is made of butter, rolled oats, brown sugar, and flour. My mistake was not to thaw the berries first before putting it in the pie crust because it turned out really soggy afterwards.

The second and third pictures show the apple pie that I made using the Tenderflake crusts. The box came with 2, so I cut the second one up into strips and criss-crossed them after I placed the filling in. I am super proud of this creating because it looks so professional, but it was really really easy. It was deliciousness!

The last pie is an hybrid of the 2 above it. This apple crumble had the same filling as the apple pie, but the same crust and crumble as the blueberry crumble. This was probably the best tasting one so far! I'll be eating a lot more of this in the next couple months!


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