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Mother's Dumplings

Posted: 11/11/11

Mother's Dumplings

Restaurant: Mothers_Dumplings Toronto

Nelson @ Chinatown: Great name for a restaurant, this is really casual restaurant in a cramped unit in Chinatown. All these dumplings are made from scratch as we saw them making them near the back tables. This is a sampling of dumplings that we tried, from left, pork and radish in corn flour; shrimp, pork, egg & chives; pork and vegetable pancake; pork and bak choi. The shrimp and pork was by far the best tasting one. The cornmeal was a little funny tasting with a weird dry texture for the skin. The pancake was ok, coming out very hot and juicy. The last dumpling on the right was decent too. You can taste that all of these are really fresh and definitely homemade. Good stuff.

We also had a noodle with pork and sliced cucumber, something similar to how my mom cooks noodles sometimes. The rest of the pictures are of the outside of the dumplings and how they are served, which can be a little boring to look at. The last one is a vegetarian dumpling with chives and glass noodles on the inside. Interesting combination, but not my favourite.

Overall, a family run business that makes simple, fresh, homemade dumplings.

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