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Auberge du Pommier Apps (1 of 2)

Posted: 11/03/11

Auberge du Pommier Apps (1 of 2)

Restaurant: Auberge_du_Pommier Toronto

Nelson: Consistently ranked #1 for fine dining in Toronto, I was so pumped to finally try Auberge du Pommier. Oliver & Bonacini's first restaurant is located in a cottage style building in front of a large office building. We didn't bother with a -licious event that would dilute the experience.

Soon after sitting we unexpectedly got an amuse bouche from the kitchen. Puff pastries with a jam and cream cheese inside. What a pleasant surprise! The bread service came with a sweet hummus and olives along with the fresh bread.

For appetizers, we ordered Foie Gras et Confit, seared duck liver with duck confit, chestnuts, winter spice and Cumberland jus. Once again, Foie Gras was so tasty, with a complex layered flavour that went well with the ingredients it was sitting on. The berries were only ok as a complement, but overall an excellent app.

The other we tried was a Cassolette D'Escargots, petit gris snails, coco beans, smoked bacon, squash, tarragon and mushroom gratine. Escargots were decent, overall very cheesy and rich but nothing too unique in taste. I wasn't a fan of the beans in this dish, but hard to judge overall since I only had a bite since this was the other couple's app.

Next time will be the mains and dessert, stay tuned!

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  • Nice! Did you go recently or sometime in the summer?
    dre @ 2011-11-03
  • LOL, my backlog is longer than that....this was back in February!
    Nelson @ 2011-11-04

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