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Work Dinner at Terroni

Posted: 11/18/11

Work Dinner at Terroni

Restaurant: Terroni Toronto

dre @ Adelaide & Church: My manager and director were in town, so they took our team out to their favourite Toronto restaurant - Terroni. I've never been to this location on Adelaide. I was a little late, so they had already ordered a lot of appetizers.

The first was a bruschetta platter, Bruschette Assortite - Eggplant, yellow pepper, and onions; Caponata (sautéed red peppers, zucchini, eggplant, raisins, pinenuts, and ricotta salata); Bufala mozzarella, anchovy, and cherry tomato; and N'duja. I tried the last one, which had some meat on it, but for the most part, I wasn't sure what i was eating.

Burrata di Puglia - Fresh cow's milk 'Burrata' direct from Puglia served up pure and simple with a side of cherry tomatoes, oregano, extra virgin olive oil, and homemade crostini.

I actually tried the cheese, but I was more happy just eating the bread and tomatoes. The cheese isn't that strong, but maybe it was more of a mental thing.

Funghi Assoluti - Baked Oyster Mushrooms with Parmigiano & Balsamic Vinegar on Arugola

My manager and I shared this mushroom dish. Minus the parmigiano cheese, I really enjoyed the mushrooms a lot.

Pizza 'Che Fungh So Cus' - White pizza with burrata, fresh porcini mushrooms, and fresh black truffle shavings

After eating all this food, I could only manage to eat less than half the pizza. It was cheesy and had that burrata cheese, so perhaps that's why I wasn't too inclined to finish the whole pizza. I really enjoyed the mushrooms and truffles (look at those flecks!).

Despite being extremely full, I still ordered dessert because it was a free dinner hahaha. I ate the whole thing though - my pistachio and lemon gelatos!

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  • A friend of ours went to Terroni last week and was raving about the mushroom salad. This is on our must-try list...and your pictures help!!
    Terry & Titus @ 2011-11-18
  • That's near our house!
    Robyn @ 2011-11-21

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