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Mains and Dessert at August Restaurant

Posted: 11/16/11

Mains and Dessert at August Restaurant

Restaurant: August_Restaurant Beamsville

dre in Beamsville: So after all those tapas, we also ate our main courses.

Mike got the Grilled Natural "VG Meats" Beef Striploin With a Brandy Peppercorn Sauce. The steak was pretty tender and the sauce was really good.

Good thing though was that my Stuffed Cornish Hen had the same sauce on it. I liked how the hen was pretty big, and the stuffing was really good. I was extremely full.

Fortunately, a lot of people had a sweet tooth, so we ordered some dessert from the tapas menu.

The cheesecake topped with pumpkin sauce was surprisingly very good and light. It was my favourite out of all the dessert.

The Mini Crème Brulee was hard to share. I only got to try a small spoonful.

The tart (I forgot what was inside) was okay. The ice cream melted by the time it got passed to us.

A great dinner and a great atmosphere with great friends!

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  • And I thought the whole meal was going to be tapas! Looks like a lot of food
    Nelson @ 2011-11-17

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