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Tapa Tapa Tapa

Posted: 11/14/11

Tapa Tapa Tapa

Restaurant: August_Restaurant Beamsville

dre in Beamsville: We celebrated Joda's birthday at August Restaurant, located in wine country. On weeknights, they serve $3-5 tapas, so we got a lot of tapas as well as a main dish AND dessert. While I enjoy tapas, I find it hard to share with a lot of people. At least with dim sum or sushi, each item is already individually portioned. We found ourselves splitting already small portions 3-4 ways. We ordered multiples of some dishes, but then again, we were in a large group, so still had to split.

Southern Fried Calamari with Tomato Aioli - This was good. I liked the tomato dipping sauce that it came with.

Blackened Tiger Shrimp with Lemon Aioli - The shrimp was really good. I got to taste 2 of them because we had ordered more afterwards.

Sweet Potato Empanada - These were underwhelming. I had such a small taste because we cut them into such small pieces. Also, it was cold.

Crab Cake Po’ Boy with House Made Tartar Sauce - Wow. This was really good. I always like a good crab cake.

Curried Lamb Meat Balls with a Sour Cream Dip - Pretty gamey. I only tried a small meatball.

Duck Confit Pizza With Caramelized Onion and Goats Cheese - I didn't like this one too much, only because of the cheese, but many people really liked it and we ordered seconds.

Featured Risotto - Again, not a big fan of this because of the cheese.

Pulled Pork Poutine with Sweet Potato Fries - This sounded good, but was actually a disappointment. I avoided the cheese parts, but the fries were too stringy and burnt. The pulled pork was not that great either.

Seafood Stew in a Sweet Pepper Bisque - Wow, this was really really good. It was spicy and full of stuff! Many people got the main course version of this and it looked just as good, but bigger!

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  • Some interesting foods there. Surprisingly it seemed like you enjoyed the seafood ones the most! Fries that burnt should never be served to the customer.
    Nelson @ 2011-11-14

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