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Lunching in Port Colborne

Posted: 11/12/11

Lunching in Port Colborne

Restaurant: Canalside_Pub_and_Eatery Port_Colborne

dre in Port Colborne: We went sight-seeing in Port Colborne, which really doesn't have too much to see, so we decided to find a nice lunch spot. We were recommended this place called Canalside Pub & Eatery right along the canal (surprise!) for good burgers. They brew their own beer here too, but we didn't try it.

I ordered the Cuban Sandwich - Pulled pork, old fashion ham, pickles, onions and tomatoes on garlic ciabatta with sweet mustard sauce. I didn't know it came with cheese, so I picked it off and gave the cheese to Mike. It wasn't bad.

Mike was debating for a really long time whether to get the burger or not, but then saw this on the menu and couldn't resist - Garlic Steak Sandwich - Angus steak, onions, Portobello mushrooms sautéed in our own garlic gravy and topped with three cheeses, served on baked Vienna Loaf. This was tasty as well from the small bite I got.

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