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Homemade Breakfast at the Cottage

Posted: 11/10/11

Homemade Breakfast at the Cottage

Restaurant: none

dre: We spent a couple days at a cottage off of Lake Erie. I've never been to that side of the lake before. It was September, so wasn't hot enough to go into the water, but the backyard was right off the lake. It was the most luxurious cottage I've ever been to.

For breakfast, we prepared enough food feed a small country, even though there was only eight of us. One the first morning, I made Buttermilk Blueberry Pancakes from scratch which is always tasty. My sous-chefs (the others) helped make hashbrowns, and ham.

On the next morning, we ate all the previous day's leftovers as well as fluffy scrambled eggs, empanadas and tortilla wraps, which you can't really see. In the wraps, we put tomatoes, guacamole, and cheese, as well as this delicious salsa.


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  • Was the salsa homemade or a brand?
    Nelson @ 2011-11-10
  • Homemade... my friend got the salsa and the homemade empanadas from someone they knew
    dre @ 2011-11-10
  • And forgot to mention... yes, we had alcoholic mimosas for breakfast... That should give you an idea of how the rest of the weekend went...
    dre @ 2011-11-10

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