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Northern Ontario Yummies

Posted: 11/08/11

Northern Ontario Yummies

Restaurant: Beaver_Tails Buoys_Eatery Gore_Bay Pat_and_Marios Ribfest Sudbury

dre in Northern Ontario: We took a road trip up north to Sudbury and Manitoulin Island. In Sudbury, we were lucky to be there on the same weekend as their Ribfest, as we missed the one in Mississauga this year. Unfortunately, it was raining, so we had to eat in the wet and cold weather.

A Beaver Tails kiosk was there, so we had to get an appetizer before Ribfest - a Killaloe Sunrise Beaver Tail. I like this one - it's basically cinnamon sugar with lemon juice. Yummy.

We chose the Boss Hog's Pulled Pork Sandwich. We shared a sandwich, thinking of getting another sandwich from somewhere else, but after the Beaver Tail, we were pretty full.

We bought an entire apple pie from the farmer's market in Sudbury, and we ate a quarter of it cold in the hotel room. We got smarter and heated it up over the campfire in the next couple days and it tasted much better warm.

For dinner in Sudbury, we found an Italian restaurant called Pat and Mario's. I ordered the Basil Chicken Linguini - seasoned chicken with primavera sauce, pesto, fresh basil, sun dried tomatoes and broccoli. I enjoyed this dish and it was filling.

Mike got the Penne Chicken Asiago - made in house garlic alfredo sauce with seasoned chicken, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach topped with asiago cheese and basil oil. This was nice and cheesy for Mike and pretty heavy, so he was full from it as well.

Pat & Marios on Urbanspoon

On Manitoulin Island, we mostly ate sandwiches and soup while we were camping. We treated ourselves to a restaurant in the village of Gore Bay, where we stopped for lunch at this restaurant called Buoy's Eatery. It is pretty touristy there, so the prices were pretty high. I had the Key West White Fish with wedges. The fish was marinated in a limey crust, which was pretty good. The potato wedges were yummy.

Mike got the Lasagna with island beef. Island beef? Maybe from the cows from the island vs. imported beef? haha The lasagna was also pretty good, and Mike got a bonus with cheesy garlic bread.


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