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Drinks and Dessert at The Keg

Posted: 11/06/11

Drinks and Dessert at The Keg

Restaurant: Brampton The_Keg

dre @ Bovaird & Hurontario: On another occasion, we went to The Keg to have drinks and we got hungry, so we got dessert as well. Excuse the blurriness, I took these pics with my phone.

We ordered a pitcher of Rickard's White. This is the first time I've seen this in pitcher form, complete with 4 slices of orange.

Dave got some Crab Cakes - Sweet Jonah and lump Dungeness crab, with a dill caper mayo. Looked small for the price, but I didn't taste it.

Chocolate Cake - Layer upon layer of dark, moist chocolate cake with a silky smooth chocolate filling and served with vanilla ice cream and a raspberry puree. This was probably their best dessert of the night. Everything went downhill from here.

Cheesecake - Thick and creamy, topped with a cherry sauce. Too creamy, in fact. The cheesecake part did not taste good at all and the sauce did not help make it any better. Highly not recommended. I remember the cheesecake being bad before and surprised that some people actually like it for it to still be on their menu.

Apple Crumble - Warm apple crumble and vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel. The presentation of this dessert is horrible. It was also lukewarm and not very tasty.

Sweet Minis - this came with 3 small desserts.

1) The Strawberry Shortcake - Pound cake, rich creamy vanilla icing and strawberry coulis. This was the best dessert of the 3. The cake was light and good.

2) Passion Brulée - Baked passion fruit infused crème brulée with a caramelized crust. I was not a fan of the passion fruit flavour. I didn't like this at all.

3) S'more - Graham cracker, chocolate fudge brownie, marshmallow and chocolate sauce. The marshmallow tasted a little stale.

Overall, I do not think I would ever return to The Keg for dessert or even order dessert from here. They need to upgrade their dessert menu pronto!

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