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Posted: 11/02/11


Restaurant: e11even Toronto

dre @ York and Brenner: My director was in town, so he took us out for dinner. Close to the office is this restaurant called e11even. At first, he looked at the prices and was against going here, but later he changed his mind, because a manager had said this place was really good. I'm glad he changed his mind! :)

The restaurant was quite chic, and they had iPads that listed their extensive drink menu. I got a beer - the Blanche de Chambly, which was really good. It is a white beer and has citrus tones, reminding me of Rickard's White, which is one of my favourites on tap.

The bread came out in a pan and it was really delicious. I'm glad there was extras (or someone didn't eat it) because I got another piece.

For my main, I ordered the e11even Signature Roast Chicken with mashed potatoes and country stuffing. This was really really delicious! I was also surprised of the giant the portion size. In fact, all the dishes that my coworkers got were quite sizeable, and I was very impressed. I ate everything and was stuffed.

We did sit and chat and drink for awhile, so over time, I had an appetite back for dessert. I shared a New York Cheesecake with my director, and this cheesecake, although very tasty, was very rich. I'm glad I only ate half.

My coworkers were already used to my ritual of taking pictures before eating, so one of them asked me to take a picture of their dessert, a sorbet with fresh berries. It looked light and refreshing, which was perfect for the hot summer weather we had this year.

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