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Panini at home

Posted: 10/24/11

Panini at home

Restaurant: none

Nelson: We have a Griddler at home and although it's good for grilling meats and such, I really like making Paninis at home. This one has Genoa Salami topped with Brie on buttered toast. Making a sandwich hot makes it so much better...and the grill marks make it pleasing to they eye. Turns out in comparison to other foods, the Brie is fairly light tasting. Even lighter than mozarella, which I didn't not expect. Speaking of mozarella, the last picture is tomato, mozarella and ham. A great combination. A Panini press is fun and easy - I'm happy to own one!


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  • wow... could I do this with a foreman grill?
    dre @ 2011-10-24
  • The grill marks on the panini match our cutting board lol
    Kitty @ 2011-10-24
  • Probably, but the Griddler is better in that there is no hinge....with a Foreman it might come out a little squished especially closer to the top. But this definitely makes sandwiches more fund to eat!
    Nelson @ 2011-10-24

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