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Hipot Hot Pot

Posted: 10/14/11

Hipot Hot Pot

Restaurant: Hipot_Hot_Pot Toronto

Nelson @ Hwy 7 & Chalmers: With the coming cold weather, the perfect antidote is Hot Pot! This place is a little pricier at $22 a person plus any extras you get, but at least the variety is good.

You can order lobster as well (for extra $ I think), 1/2 for each person which is quite fun, although they are around 1 pounders. The next plate of shrimp, enoki, filet, mussel, shiitake (and oysters in a subsequent pic) is only a one time order as well. Nice that they have these ingredients, but too bad it's so limited. The pipet is a fish/starch combo that comes out like fishy tasty noodles. Personally not my favourite, but fun and it seems like people enjoy this one a lot.

The next plate are the balls and dumplings/wonton. I have to give it up to them, but these are some of the best dumplings I've had at hot pot. You can tell they are homemade and very fresh. The filling is excellent and I loved eating these. Worth coming for these alone.

There's some fish paste with a strong herb (parsley?) that I personally didn't enjoy, but it's fun making your own scoops (closeup below). Of course the requisite beef, which I ate less of because of all the seafood.

You have to pay little extra to get a special soup base, which in this case is the spicy soup, but they have a thai spicy soup as well and a thai coconut chicken soup which I want to try next time. Next are some veggies, tripe, taro, tofu, which is fairly regular. I enjoy this deep fried tofu, but it comes out of the pot piping hot.

If you order at the beginning of the meal you can get rice cooked with meats. I have pictured a chinese sausage and a spareribs. Could use a little more meat in these, but nice that this is also included. Perhaps it's there to fill you up, as you feel obligated to try a little bit.

I've never deep fried fish skin at hot pot, but they had them here. Salty and crispy with a strong fishy flavour - a bit of an acquired taste. Other items that I hear are popular include the lamb and chicken wings.

For dessert there is a choice, and I have pictured a custard with condensed milk and a chinese specialty dessert that I forget the name of at the moment.

Overall good quality for a hotpot, but they charge more and nickel and dime you (50 cents for an egg!). In the end, I would come back.

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