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My First Cake!

Posted: 10/31/11

My First Cake!

Restaurant: none

dre: I had an inspiration to make a fondant decorated cake like Ace of Cakes. I used the event of Lemuel's going away and Mike's birthday as an excuse to create this culinary masterpiece. I thought of what was common to both of them and decided that they both loved iPhones, so that was my subject.

I mocked out what apps I was going to include, and made some up to personalize the phone-cake. I originally wanted to make a black iPhone, but when I went to Michaels, the black fondant was more expensive, so I just settled on white. Plus, that way, I could knead in the colours that I needed with food colouring.

I laid out my ingredients for the cake and the icing. Mike was home sick the day I made the cake, so I had to be discreet on what I was doing and pretended to be making a very boring cake.

After making the cake and icing, I spread the icing on the cake and tried to smooth out the bumps and cover all the holes.

I rolled out the fondant and covered the cake. The icing was used as a glue for the fondant.

Then I carefully cut out 16 small squares for my app buttons and laid them on the cake. By this time, I was so excited that I had to show Mike.

Then the painful part began. I only had a butter knife, so I did a hack job in trying to cut small pieces for my app buttons. I wasn't about to invest in money into equipment yet, because I wasn't sure I would like doing this, so that's why I didn't have anything better than a butter knife. It was difficult.

Also, I realized that it was difficult to knead the colours into the fondant, so I simply used food colouring and cotton swabs as I didn't have any paintbrushes.

Instead of the 16 planned, I was done after 12 apps!

Still, I think the cake was pretty impressive for a first timer. I was inspired to sign up for a cake decorating class, but sadly, it got cancelled because I was the only participant. :(

I still have lots of leftover fondant, so I'm canvassing ideas for a second cake! Maybe I'll do something during Christmas!


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  • Impressive! I actually like eating fondant, surprisingly enough.
    Nelson @ 2011-10-31
  • I like fondant too -but it's a little scary that you can buy it pre made from a craft store.

    I heard the recipe for marshmallow fondant works out quite well if you ever wanted to make it from scratch

    Grace @ 2011-11-01

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