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Chatham's Blueberries

Posted: 10/23/11

Chatham's Blueberries

Restaurant: Chatham Parks_Blueberries

dre in Chatham: We spent a weekend in Chatham this past July. Fortunately, we went during the blueberry season, so there was a blueberry filled weekend! First, the morning after we arrived at Denise's parents' house, her mom had baked these luscious looking blueberry muffins. They were sooooo good! I think I had 4 of them over the weekend. They were from a Gwyneth Paltrow cookbook called "My Father's Daughter".

We also went to a place called Parks Blueberries, which is a country store that sells baked goods, jams, random cottage decor, and also has a cafeteria. We ate there for lunch. All the entrées come with blueberries on the side!

Mike got a chicken pizza, which was served on pita bread. I was inspired by the simplicity that when I got home that week, Mike and I ate homemade pizza on pita bread.

I got the beef dip sandwich. That was really good as well. They used the same bread for the sandwich as they did for the pizza. It was really soft and I really liked the texture.

Of course, we couldn't leave without buying some baked goodies. I picked out 6 cookies, including 2 blueberry oatmeal cookies, and Mike picked a blueberry turnover. Surprisingly, no one got a pie, but they looked really really tempting!


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  • Everything looks so good!
    Nelson @ 2011-10-23

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