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Team Lunch at Baton Rouge

Posted: 10/17/11

Team Lunch at Baton Rouge

Restaurant: Baton_Rouge Toronto

dre @ Progress & Corporate: Nearby Scarborough Town Centre is a Baton Rouge. One of my coworkers from Calgary was in town, so we had a team lunch at Baton Rouge. I got the lunch ribs, which is still 10oz of ribs. It came with a huge salad with egg, croutons, and honey mustard dressing. The ribs were decent, and I only ate a couple bones to save room for dessert. For dessert, I ordered the Southern Style Apple Cobbler. It was yummy and so filling. I needed a nap in the afternoon.

I've found Baton Rouge to be quite expensive, and not sure I would necessarily choose this restaurant if I had to pay for it myself.

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