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Bashu Sichuan Cuisine

Posted: 10/12/11

Bashu Sichuan Cuisine

Restaurant: Bashu_Sichuan_Cuisine

Nelson @ Eglinton & Hurontario: I went to this restaurant with some friends, including Evelyn, who can eat the spiciest food I have ever seen. Since Kitty doesn't eat spicy food we had to balance the dishes.

The first is a fish in a spicy broth. This was a little different from what I am used to because there are a lot of loose spices in the broth, as opposed to a usually clear broth with whole chilies as part of the dish. I think this made it even spicier than usual. I was able to eat this dish, but I have to admit it was spicy. Evelyn didn't think it was very spicy.

Next is a kung pao chicken, also decently spicy, but not as spicy as the previous dish. I enjoy this dish in general. White rice was present to take some of the heat away. Lastly, I wanted to order a smoked duck since there was a huge picture of it on the menu, but it was very disappointing. It didn't taste very smokey and it was extremely dry.

I would go back if I was in the mood for spicy dishes as this place is ok, but seeing as Kitty is not a fan, it seems unlikely.

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