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Grass Mountain Villa Seafood Restaurant

Posted: 10/06/11

Grass Mountain Villa Seafood Restaurant

Restaurant: Grass_Mountain_Villa Toronto

Nelson: This is not your typical chinese restaurant. If you preorder in advance, they will make a special menu for you filled with atypical chinese items which are awesome.

First is an appetizer plate, with spring roll, bean sprouts, riblets, seaweed, fish balls and some other unidentified item which I don't know what it is. A decent starting platter that isn't typical for chinese restaurants. The soup was filled with several items, but apparently I only got a wonton. I feel ripped off now looking back, but I just looked in my notes and discovered it was Shark Fin soup, so I refused to eat it and only ate the one wonton.

The next dish is really cute - shrimp balls shaped into fish with little eyes and chicken feet as tails swimming in a soup. Well actually it's more like a tofu like soft jelly, but still overall really fun to eat, but the sauce was a little too vinegary for my tastes.

Next is goose, that looks huge, but once you open it open you see that it is filled with taro, chestnut, pork and other goodies. I was disappointed in this dish because the goose meat was too dry and the insides were mushy and damp. Good idea, but overall didn't execute.

Next is a fish with vegetables, but incredibly, the fish tasted a lot like lobster. There was pickled ginger as well in this dish and I don't usually like ginger, but surprisingly I liked it this time. It was a bit sour, but also sweet. There was some fruit as well, but I'm not sure what it was.

The lobster was cooked with magi, which I'm starting to like more and more. There was a gigantic bamboo wrapped sticky rice, the largest I've every seen, but it was unfortunately mediocre. Lastly some e-fu noodles topped with seafood. And even their dessert is atypical, some lychee in a sweet soup.

Great innovation going on here, just a few of the dishes need a bit of work in the taste department, but otherwise I would highly recommend it - especially if you are getting tired of typical Chinese restaurant fare, but still enjoy Chinese food.

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  • Was this in a smallish restaurant or a big one in the corner of the plaza? The bigger one is Grass Mountain... I'm thinking this one is called Fantaxia unless they moved to the corner...?
    dre @ 2011-10-06
  • Good question....I didn't think it was called Grass Mountain Villa either, but there's a big sign outside that I took a picture of. It is closer to the corner than the last time I was there, so maybe it moved, but I will have to go there again and double check.
    Nelson @ 2011-10-06
  • was I there for this meal? I feel like it was a long time ago.

    Grace @ 2011-10-06
  • Yes, you were there Grace..this was with Kitty's family
    Nelson @ 2011-10-06

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