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Summer of BBQ

Posted: 10/11/11

Summer of BBQ

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dre: This summer's weather has been absolutely amazing and now that we're enjoying probably the last nice warm days of the year, I thought I'd reminisce on the good BBQs that we had over the summer.

This year, I tried to make more steaks. I'm not very good at marinating, so for the first steak, I tried using hoisin and cha siu sauce. It was way too sweet, and much better for ribs or pork chops. At least the zucchinis and roasted potatoes turned out fine.

The next day, I made burgers, and I got to eat my home grown lettuce. You can see that the zucchinis and potatoes were repeated from the night before.

I marinated a couple more steaks to make steak sandwiches and this time I used soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar. I put too much vinegar and it was pretty sour.

I bought some ground turkey, so I made some turkey burgers. They were pretty good! People are afraid of ground turkey because they don't know what the grocery store puts in there, but I like to be ignorant and pretend they are the yummy parts of the turkey. I ate it on pita bread instead of a bun.

Finally, the last steak was just salted and peppered, and it tasted natural :) Unfortunately, I overcooked it, so again, wasn't so good :( I made a stuffed pepper with mushroom risotto and that was really good.

I think I'll stick with cooking... until next year when the steak adventures continue...


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  • Steak don't really need to be marinated...just use Monreal Steak Spice and if the meat is a good cut, just don't overcook it and that is all you'll need.
    Nelson @ 2011-10-12

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