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Lunch Choices at Consilium

Posted: 10/09/11

Lunch Choices at Consilium

Restaurant: Piazza_Manna Toronto

dre @ Consilium & Progress: There are not that many lunch options in my work building, and most people default to the two places downstairs - Pumpernickels, where they serve sandwiches, wraps, some hot foods, salads, and soups, or Piazza Manna, where they serve pizza, Italian sandwiches, and pasta. I've had most things from either places, and usually default to Piazza Manna.

After seeing their panzerotti (calzone? what's the dif?) in the display at lunch for more than 4 years, I finally decided to try it. They were huge, but like all panzerottis, there was too much dough on the sides. Actually, I don't mind the dough-only bites, as I love bread, but most people would prefer a bite of gooey cheese and meat and veggies first. The sauce is only "okay" tasting, and I find it interesting that they had poured sauce over it before serving it to me.

Piazza Manna also have huge pizzas that we sometimes order for team meetings. My favourite is the one shown - it's like a meat lovers with spicy sauce drizzled on top. They also cut the slices really huge. The size shown is only half a slice.

Finally, I show you a picture of their muffins that they bake in the morning. The first time I tried them, I thought it was the most DELICIOUS muffin I've ever had. It was also one of the most expensive muffins I've ever bought. They serve it to you straight from the muffin pan. However, on subsequent visits, I don't recall them being as good, so I stopped buying them. Maybe that day I was extra hungry or I caught the time when the muffin just came out from the oven.

I still try to avoid this place as much as possible because of their exuberant prices.

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  • It's annoying when they pour sauce over the calzone...makes it impossible to eat with your hands and really it should have enough sauce on the inside to begin with.
    Nelson @ 2011-10-11

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