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Father's Day Shanghai

Posted: 10/07/11

Father's Day Shanghai

Restaurant: Mississauga Red_Lotus

dre @ Burnhamthorpe & Central Pkwy: For Father's Day (yes, my backlog is getting large, but I should be able to catch up soon!), we went to a Shanghai restaurant in Mississauga. We've been here before a couple of years ago, but since then, they have renovated and put in some nicer furniture and decor.

We got our usual staples, mixed in with some different soup noodles. We even got a hot and sour soup, because Mike's brother was in town and he really wanted hot and sour soup. What we didn't know was how large the bowl came out to be, and unfortunately, it was one of the last things that came out, so most of us were already full.

This place isn't bad, so I think it may be a closer option when we want to eat some Shanghai food.

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