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Groupon Purchase

Posted: 10/05/11

Groupon Purchase

Restaurant: La_Passione_Italiana Toronto

dre @ Yonge & St. Clair: I bought this Groupon when it came out again because the first time that we went, we really enjoyed the food. This time, we were not very hungry at all because we had gotten some appetizers and drinks not too long before dinner (which ruined our dinner appetite). I recalled that the bread was delicious and was even just excited to eat bread all meal.

The bread came out, but not like the focaccia that I had remembered. Instead, it was regular bread and it was not as appealing. I ordered the Tagliatelle Passione - Chicken strips sautéed with fresh garlic, mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes in a rosé sauce, served with our fresh pasta.

Mike ordered the Pappardelle Veranda - Fresh 1" wide pasta served with asparagus, grilled red peppers, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil in extra vergin olive oil and garlic sauce.

Both were good, but not as "wow" as we remembered it from last time.

To use up all the Groupon money, we got dessert as well. We got this frozen desserts that were imported from Italy called Exotic Bomba - mango, passionfruit, raspberry sorbetto covered in white chocolate. The dessert was originally egg/oval shaped, and they cut it into quarters for us to see the layers. It was light and a good way to end our meal.

I'm not sure if I would buy another Groupon from here again from this "okay" experience as it's quite out of the way to get Italian food where there are lots of places near our house that are also pretty good.

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