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Taiwanese Bento Box

Posted: 10/03/11

Taiwanese Bento Box

Restaurant: Hua_Lien_Tai_Ping_Siang Markham Toronto Weis_Taiwanese

dre in Metro Square and Huntingwood and Birchmount: My coworker was talking about eating Taiwanese Bento Box for lunch one day, so I decided to come as well. It turned out to be pretty far from the office - all the way at Metro Square. We went into this small take out place, and chose a main meat (soy sauce chicken for me), and three sides (eggs and tomato, beans, meatball). The meal also came with soup. We took it back to the office to eat it, and it filled me up.

On another occasion, I found this place that was a little closer to the office in Scarborough called Wei's Taiwanese Foods. Similarily, I chose a main meat (Chinese fried chicken "nuggets") and three sides (some greens, egg and tomato, mapo tofu). It also came with a soup. This place smelled like stinky tofu.

The meals are very filling, but I think it would not be my top three choices of cheap lunch eats in Scarborough. I found the quality of the food not that good, and I think there's better value and taste elsewhere.

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