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Holiday Ham

Posted: 10/02/11

Holiday Ham

Restaurant: none

Nelson: Thanksgiving and Christmas are approaching, which usually means turkey and ham. Last year I bought a 1/4 pig from a pig farmer on my softball team and it included a ham. I cooked it with the pineapple juice for some sweetness. And what came out was incredible. This was ridiculously good tasting ham, because it was perfectly juicy, smokey, sweet and salty. Best I've had in my life. I tried this again on a store bought ham and the results were not even close. It must have been because it came straight from the farm.

And as it was kept in the fridge, it became even better tasting as it soaked up all the juices. It was a hit at both my parent's and my in-laws. So yummy.


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  • SOOOOOOO gooood. Loved the ham...but the lag on your blog posts are unbelievable!!!

    Grace @ 2011-10-02

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