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Shanghai in Vancouver

Posted: 10/01/11

Shanghai in Vancouver

Restaurant: Longs_Noodle_House Vancouver

dre @ Main & 33: My last restaurant meal was appropriately something Chinese. Lewis and I decided to get some Shanghai food. The line outside was really long, so we decided to just get takeout and bring it back to his house to eat. The outside was nothing pretty, so I was surprised at the line up in the restaurant. It was pretty late for lunch too - around 1pm.

We got the signature Shanghai fried noodles. This was really good and not too greasy.

We also got Shanghai style fried rice cakes. These were much more greasy than the noodles, but still really good.

My cousin ordered drunken chicken. I'm not sure if I've had this before. Certainly not in a long time anyway. It was yummy!

Finally, who can go to a Shanghai place and NOT order siu long baos. These were not bad and I don't normally have more than 1 in a sitting, so eating three of them was a treat!

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