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Family Dinner West Coast Style

Posted: 09/30/11

Family Dinner West Coast Style

Restaurant: Carefree Vancouver

dre in Port Moody: After visiting my aunt in Coquitlam, we went to a nearby Chinese restaurant called Carefree just down the street. Another aunt was also in town at the same time, so I ate with my aunts, uncle, and 2 cousins. As per typical family dinners, the parents ordered and we just ate what came to our table. Of course, my aunt asked what I liked to eat, and of course I said chicken. :)

The first dish is jellyfish and pieces of chicken with some crunchy wonton crisps. It is served cold. I really like this one as the jellyfish and the crispy wonton made it really fun to eat.

The second is the chicken that I suggested. Pretty generic.

The third dish is beef stirfry with pumpkin. I had pumpkin before in a Thai dish once, and thought that tasted much better than this version.

The fourth dish is bittermelon and spareribs in a clay pot. I had some pork, and a couple pieces of bittermelon because I know it's good for you. :P

Lastly, there was fish stir fried with snap peas and other veggies. This was really good and the fish pieces were so big.

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