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Pasta Pasta and more Pasta!

Posted: 09/28/11

Pasta Pasta and more Pasta!

Restaurant: Antons_Pasta_Bar Burnaby Vancouver

dre @ Hastings & Madison: Mike had told me about this place in Burnaby when he went to Vancouver 6 years ago. He sold it to me by saying, "I think this place's motto is 'Never leave hungry'. As I was lining up, everyone was coming with a doggie bag! The portions there are so huge!" Of course, 6 years ago, I was a massive eater, so that was really appealing to me.

I asked Lewis to take me there and he mentioned that he goes to this place once a year. He told me that if you finish the whole plate of pasta, you get a pen, and he's never ever gotten a pen before. We got there and there was a line up outside. We weren't that hungry yet, so standing in line did not feel too bad.

We finally got in and was served bread. In hindsight, I should not have eaten it and saved room for more pasta.

I got the Fusilli Alla Toscana - chicken, mushrooms & white wine in a savory pesto cream sauce. I found out later that Mike had gotten the exact same dish 6 years ago! We have the same taste in pasta haha. The dish was really good, with lots of flavour.

Lewis got the Pasticcio di Rigatoni - rigatoni tossed in a tomato, creamy tomato, or meat sauce & then baked with cheese. This was also really good, very lasagna like, so I didn't mind the cheese.

As we both started eating these dishes, we were thinking, "Hey, no problem, I can finish this!" But as we dug in, the mountain of pasta was becoming smaller very very slowly. I even started eating the pasta around the sides to avoid the heavy sauce, but unfortunately, I still only made a small dent in my dish. Lewis did better, eating half his meal. We both commented that perhaps if we came here when we were in high school 10+ years ago, we would have been able to finish this. Maybe.

When we left, there were still a long line up of people waiting to get in.

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