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Famous Chicken Wings

Posted: 09/26/11

Famous Chicken Wings

Restaurant: Phnom_Penh Vancouver

dre in Chinatown Vancouver: This is the top rated restaurant on Urbanspoon, and I was only slightly interested in going until its goodness was confirmed by Nelson and a couple of other people I talked to. So when I told my coworkers of my dinner destination that night, my manager said, "Ohh... you can't go by yourself... Chinatown is dangerous..." haha So it became dinner with 2 more people. I was glad, because it meant we could eat more things. I let my coworkers order and only requested chicken wings.

We got filet beef on rice with egg. This dish was really tasty, especially when you mix the beef and egg with the rice, turning into a really saucy dish.

The next dish is the deep fried squid, which came with a salty dipping sauce (same as the chicken wings).

One of the guys wanted to try the rare beef, which I now learned is the famous Marinated Buttered Beef dish. It was pretty good, but you have to really love cilantro. I liked it, and it would have been good to mix with some white rice.

Next are the chicken wings, and they were really crispy and tasty. I liked the dipping sauce as well, and want to learn how to make the sauce.

The next picture is the Phnom Penh two kinds of noodle with seafood, pork, ground pork, dried shrimp, and special sauces. Once we mixed it up, we saw that the 2 types of noodles were vermicelli and egg noodle.

One of the dishes came with a house soup with a pork bone in it.

My manager and I split a lychee slush. I'm glad she's a big foodie too :)

Phnom Penh ้‡‘้‚Šๅฐ้คจ on Urbanspoon


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