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Iron Chef Part 2

Posted: 08/11/07

Iron Chef Part 2

Restaurant: none

dre: the career group whipped up the following: Avocado and coconut shake (it was chunky and really disgusting), shrimp with a sweet dipping sauce artically placed in the half cut red pepper, stir fry chicken with some weird concocted sauce that tasted really off, salad and these muffins that were definitely the best things I've tasted at the competition.

Unfortunately, because of the gross shakes, they did not win.


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  • Oooo Iron Chef -that's sound like a lot of fun! Did you guys get to look online for recipes or was it invented on the spot?
    Grace @ 2007-08-11
  • invented on the spot... hence the disgustingness haha
    dre @ 2007-08-12

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