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Solo Dinner Dining in Vancouver

Posted: 09/24/11

Solo Dinner Dining in Vancouver

Restaurant: Gyoza_King Hapa_Izakaya Jang_Mo_Jib Kintaro Vancouver

dre in Downtown Vancouver: During my first couple nights in Vancouver, I explored the area to find places to eat. I mostly sought the advice of Lemuel, Nelson, and some coworkers. One night, I found myself at Hapa Izakaya. I was told by both Lemuel and Nelson that there are supposedly good looking waitresses there, but I didn't see any. Instead, I sat at the bar and found a good looking bartender, probably because he was mixed. I also talked to the other people sitting at the bar, and happily watched some Monday night football.

I ordered a sampler of 3 items - beef ribs, crab cakes, and negitoro. I don't know why I didn't move the spoon from the negitoro for the picture. I think I was self conscious. My new friend who sat next to me made a comment when I took a picture of the food, "How Asian of you." haha

The beef ribs were really fatty, and I regretted getting that choice. The crab cake was really good, and really big. The negitoro was good, I think. I've never had it before, so it was a new experience. It was really salty though. The garlic bread was really oily, and putting the negitoro on it made it more salty.

The bartender made this funky 3-shot drink called Blackout and I took a picture of it. I ended up sitting there for so long that he gave me some free drinks for keeping him company. The advantages of being a girl :)

Hapa Izakaya (Yaletown) on Urbanspoon

I really wanted ramen, and was recommended to try Kintaro. It was quite a trek from my hotel. By the time I got there, it was late and not too busy, and I didn't have to wait for a seat! I got the Miso Ramen - which is "Kintaro's best!" said the menu. I ordered the medium flavoured soup with lean BBQ pork. I really liked the noodles. I wish there were more ramen places in Toronto. I was planning to eat this again sometime during the week, but there were too many other things to try that I never got to return back.

Kintaro Ramen on Urbanspoon

On another night, I craved some Korean food, so I went to this restaurant called Jang Mo Jib. There, I had the most expensive dol sot bibambap I've ever had ($13!), which wasn't even that mind-blowing. I didn't finish the whole bowl, and had it packed to go because I was going to make a second stop that night to Gyoza King!

Jang Mo Jib (Robson) on Urbanspoon

I walked down the street to Gyoza King, and proceeded to order 18 dumplings to go. I ordered the Ebinira Gyoza (Shrimp and Pork), Tori Gyoza (Chicken), and Popeye Gyoza (Spinach). I ate 2 that night and saved the rest for breakfast and lunch the next day. I enjoyed the dumplings and they were not very oily.

Gyoza King on Urbanspoon


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