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Downtown Vancouver Lunches

Posted: 09/23/11

Downtown Vancouver Lunches

Restaurant: Grounds_For_Appeal Italian_Kitchen Japadog Tacofino Vancouver

dre in Downtown Vancouver: My turn in Vancouver! I was here for a week on business, and definitely took advantage of living downtown. The next couple of posts are my food and drink adventures for the week!

I had no idea what to eat at lunch at times, so I was glad that my coworkers took me to random places to get lunch. The first day, I went to a food truck that sells tacos and burritos called Tacofino. They have 2 trucks, and we went to the Blue one at Dunsmuir and Burrard. I got the Ling Cod Burrito. The fish is lightly battered in a tempura batter, and the burrito is filled with beans and lettuce. It was a really good burrito, and I almost made it through without getting sauce dripped on my pants. My coworker highly recommended the chocolate ginger cookie, which was also very tasty and made a good afternoon snack.

TacoFino Cantina on Urbanspoon

Right outside my office is a Japadog, so I got 2 for lunch one day. I had no idea what ingredients were in each hot dog, so I picked my choices based on the pictures. I ended up getting a Yakinuki Rice and an Oroshi. The Oroshi was really salty, and I still don't know what's in it. I didn't really like it. The Yakinuki rice was interesting, as the bun was replaced with a bed of rice. I liked the teriyaki beef on top of the hot dog. After eating 2, I was really stuffed and had food coma in the afternoon.

Japadog (Robson Store) on Urbanspoon

All week, my coworkers have been talking about this place they get butter chicken from. When I went with them, to my amazement, it's just a coffee shop in a law building called Grounds For Appeal! They serve coffee and patries and curry... I do have to say that it is one of the best butter chickens I've ever had... and I'm from Brampton!

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On Friday, we had a team lunch at Italian Kitchen. We started with the Antipasto Misto platter - ossobucco croquettes (I don't see them in the platter), spicy kobe meatballs, eggplant parmigiana (next picture at the back), polenta bolognese (middle pot), prosciutto wrapped tiger prawns, crispy calamari, salami & mozzarella stromboli, grilled radicchio with cherry balsamic reduction with pistachio caprino (next picture, front). I almost gagged when I tried the caprino as I had no idea what it was before I tried a small bite of the cheese.

I took a picture when the Bruschetta Sampler was passed to me. It was loaded with 3 different toppings - chick pea, tomato basil, pesto burrata. I tried a piece of the tomato basil with vegetables.

For my main, I ordered the Roasted Trout with Arugula and Tomato salad. I should have tried the salmon as trout is a lake fish. I think the trout I've had in Peru is better though, but this one was pretty meaty. My coworker was a little bit disturbed by the eyeball :)

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  • I believe the Oroshi japandog has radish and green onions.

    Is the croquette hiding behind the pot in the middle on the left?

    Too bad you don't like sashimi :(
    Nelson @ 2011-09-23

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