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Yanaki Sushi

Posted: 09/22/11

Yanaki Sushi

Restaurant: Vancouver Yanaki_Sushi

Nelson: Diana recommended this Japanese place within walking distance of their home. Of course we had to have Japanese food as our last meal.

When we arrived, they gave out this free appetizer, a fish/meat ball with cooked salmon. It was really soft and the taste was salty and spicy. A really nice start to the meal and free too!

Of course we ordered the toro, but for the first time, it wasn't very good because it was a small portion and it wasn't very fresh. Maybe they weren't expecting people to order this during lunch or they were about to get a new shipment. But they made up for it near the end of the meal.

We ordered a lunch bento, which included beef teriyaki, ebi sunomono, salmon, tuna, ebi sushi and spicy tuna roll. The ebi (shrimp) sunomono is a noodle with just a few small shrimp in a vinegary soup. The sushi was decent and the spicy tuna rolls were really good tasty.

The highlight of the meal was the Firecracker roll. (In: Spicy tuna & cucumber. Top: Spicy scallop, spicy crabmeat & potato flake). This was my favourite roll from the whole trip as it was quite spicy, but still really tasty. The spice came out slowly, while you feel the crunchiness of the flakes and then the softness of the seafood. Excellent combination and I loved the sauce they used.

To make up for the toro, they gave us a free sashimi salad. There was some really strong sauce on the salad, but it was nice to have a variety of fishes to sample.

Great trip to Vancouver and I will miss all the wonderful seafood and Japanese food. Too bad Toronto is no comparison.

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