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Safeco Field

Posted: 09/21/11

Safeco Field

Restaurant: Safeco Seattle

Nelson @ Safeco Field: We decided to have a bite to eat before heading into the (beautiful) ballpark. We tried a Mexican food cart called el camion really close to the stadium. Kitty ordered some fish taco (corn tortillas, white fish, shredded cabbage, crema agria especial (not mayo) topped with Pico de Gallo & a lime. I've had better fish tacos before and this one was pretty tiny as well. I guess that's what you would expect for $2.

I had a Mulita, corn tortillas stuffed with carnitas (traditional pork), melted cheese, sliced avocado and salsa verde. I wanted to try it because I've never had this before, but as it turns out, it is basically an unfolded quesadilla. And I don't particularly like quesadillas, but even worse this had a lot of cilantro.

Vincent had a Burrito, flour tortilla filled with carne asada (grilled top sirloin), rice, black beans, sour cream, cheese and pico de gallo. It turned out to be gigantic in size in addition to being very tasty. Best choice by far and really filling.

We brought in a big bag of kettle corn, but as it turns out it was totally unnecessary. I was blown away with the variety and sheer number of choices available at the stadium. There were over 30 different vendors selling all sorts of foods, from your standard hot dogs, nuts, pretzels to Italian, seafood, thai, sushi, sandwiches, gyros, etc etc. Seems like every time I go to a stadium (except Tropicana) I get to see how deficient Skydome is. After some deciding, we decided to try the garlic fries.

I couldn't believe the amount of garlic they included with the fries. It was fries swimming in a sea of tasty garlic. I love garlic, but even this was too much for me. There was so much garlic, my mouth started to burn. Good thing they included some apples to help take the bite out of spice (I didn't know apples were effective). I took an after shot to show how much garlic was in the tray. Crazy. Nothing half-assed here.

Blue Jays won that day too, so it was awesome. I only wished I was more hungry and could try more items. Thanks for driving Vincent!


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