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Pike Market

Posted: 09/20/11

Pike Market

Restaurant: Jacks_Fish_Spot Pike_Market Piroshky_Piroshky Seattle Steamers_Seafood_Cafe Three_Girls_Bakery

Nelson @ Seattle: Pike Market is one of the largest public markets in the US. They have a wide variety of foods to buy with a lot of fresh seafood and good coffee (original Starbucks started here). One of the more unique items here is the Piroshky from a store Russian bakery named Piroshky Piroshky. It's a "festive" pie with a variety of fillings, each unique to their own "babushkas". They have thirty varieties at the store, but we managed to try only two: Bavarian Sausage Piroshky and the Potato Onion & Mushroom Piroshky. The sausage was similar to a hotdog in a pie crust, but better than pigs in a blanket because it was flaky. The vegetarian one was fun because it had a mushroom imprint on the outside and we saw them making some as well. This was new to me and I would try more varieties if possible.

We also had to have the obligatory oysters, which we ordered from Jack's Fish Spot. These are Quilcene oysters, which I believe is a local variety.

Vincent tried a pecan pastry from a place right across Jack's Fish Spot called Three Girls Bakery. It wasn't too sweet as a lot of pecan desserts are, so it was good.

Lastly, although this isn't in Pike Market, it is along the shore below Pike Market, is a seafood place called Steamers Seafood Cafe. We ordered the Alaskan True Cod n' Chips served with Fries and tidewater coleslaw and a Steamers Clam Chowder. Unfortunately the cod pieces were tiny (That's what she said), but at least the batter was decent. The fish itself tasted like it was a little undercooked, or maybe that's just the way cod is, but I didn't think it was as good as halibut. I think the coleslaw had an apple flavour to it which was interesting. The clam chowder wasn't anything special either. This place is a little overpriced for what you get, but I guess they are serving tourist suckers.

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