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Posted: 09/18/11


Restaurant: Kiriri Vancouver

Nelson @ Richmond: This is a tiny Japanese restaurant opened by a Japanese owner. We went for lunch with Kitty's cousin Fiona and we ordered the Kaiseki, a tasting menu of sorts. It includes sashimi, clear soup, appetizer, sunomono, kobachi, grilled fish, deep fried or simmered dish, sushi, pickles, sweets. A very generic description, so I'm guess it changes day-to-day.

It comes out on a giant tray with a lot of small dishes. The top left has a giant structure and it turns out there are dishes inside - 3 layers to be exact. We only discovered two layers at first and then when we discovered the third layer it was a pleasant surprise.

The top layer had some clam like seafood on the skewer with egg and some eel and fish egg sushi (the base layer was some sort of eggy cake). The egg was really surprisingly sweet. The next picture shows the second layer, which includes fresh pieces of sashimi that unlike most places was at room temperature. Very fresh. A finally the surprise third layer was a tuna/mango/avocado creation, that was incredible. The mango was ripe and therefore sweet and it went together with the other ingredients so well. Best part of the meal and we almost completely missed it!

The other small dishes include a piece of fat from cod over some radish, and fish/taro meatball that was surprisingly mostly taro, some bean sprouts (wished there was a little more of this one), some vegetables in a vinegar broth that also had some translucent stuff inside. Also some pickled vegetables and a clear broth with some clam.

Kitty had the black cod miso (grilled miso marinated black cod), and while it did not include the variety of my order, the black cod was so tasty, seasoned with salt and the natural fat making for a nice mouth feel.

The dessert was an impressive array of neatly arranged vegetables on a custard creme brulee. The vegetables were impressively displayed with an acute attention to detail, but the best part was that the custard contained a surprise - black sesame! I wouldn't think this combination worked, but it went so well together. A really excellent way to finish a neat distinctly Japanese meal.

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